Bio-Clean is a powerful all natural solution that digests organic waste found in your plumbing system. Everything from grease, hair, soap scum, food particles, paper, cotton and more.


Free same day shipping if ordered before 2:00 PM EST. Shipping takes between 1-3 days depending on where you live. Bio-Clean is the only drain cleaner we recommend to our customers. With over 550 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 rating, many customers know why.

Bio Clean

Bio-Clean begins to work within one hour. The natural drain cleaner has bacteria that begin to eliminate waste throughout your entire drain. The bacteria in Bio-Clean digest the waste and spread throughout your system until it is completely clean.

The great thing about Bio-Clean is that it can solve your drain issues and then help maintain. Some people may need to use more treatments at first to initially clean the drains. This is possible when there are excessive amounts of sludge lining your drain line. Bio-Clean will eliminate the sludge unlike conventional snaking.

A little Bio-Clean goes a long way and is very economical.

  • 100 drain treatments per 2 lb. container
  • 2lb. container treats 1,000 gallon septic tank
  • Eliminates the need to clean grease traps and cable drains
  • Eliminates the need to buy dangerous chemicals
  • Eliminates the need to buy deodorant blocks (urinals.)

Bio-Clean can be used for residential and commercial purposes for all drain and sewer pipes including kitchen sinks, bathrooms, bath tubs, showers, floor drains, laundry drains, septic tanks and drain fields, garbage disposal odors, grease traps, sewage ejector sumps, outhouses and cesspools, R.V. and boat holding tanks and more.

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